Friday, March 9, 2012

A Mid-Winter Island Tour

The warm spring sun made an appearance on Wednesday...
it s already fifty degrees by the time Vespi and I arrived at the touring center at 10am
Our plan
- well, my plan anyways -
was to enjoy the beauitful weather by getting to
classic ski a couple laps in the
nether region of Mountain Meadows

I wanted to enjoy skiing in my skirt & hot pink gaitors from the early ninties.
I wantd to enjoy skiing in soft spring corn snow.
I wanted to enjoy skiing in a t-shirt and
maybe even get a sunburn on my finally exposed forehead.

Vespi, however, had other plans.

While she was down with one lap on Black,
she stood her ground on the log bridge
and adamently refused to ski anything but Purple.

In fact, a couple sun soaked laps of Purple was all she really wanted.

She can be such a weird dog sometimes...
but hey, I was already covered in delicious sweaty goodness,
so whatever she wanted to ski was good with me :)
So after 12K of skiing through our first spring nordic skiing
experience of heavy, sticky melting spring snow,
we decided to break from the squishy groomed trail
and head out into the middle of the lake.

We skied up to the island,
spread out our picnic of oranges and puppy treats
and enjoyed some time basking in the sun :)

How could life get better than this?
May You Find the Spirit of the Mountain Within You,
FemaleSkiBum & Vespoli


  1. Okay, your pics are making me itch to use my air miles to GET BACK TO THE POWDER as I sit here in hot, NOT WHITE Texas!

    1. You should totally come visit! We should have snow for at least 6 weeks :) The Skiing is AWESOME!!