Up Pico For a Sunset Schuss

Company Field Trip!!

First Day of Daylight Savings
The Extra Hour before Sunset
Must Be Celebrated

A Company Field Trip
A Skin Up Pico Mountain
for the first Sunset of the Spring

Tough Job, I know :)

As the sun set in the sky,
we made our way up the snow covered trails.
We laughed at the view
wishing we could somehow skin up backwards
so we wouldn't miss a minute

A Beautiful Sunset
With Every Glance Behind Us
The Sky Became more Vibrant
With Every Stride further Uphill
The Colors Got Deeper

And cause we're all GearHeads
We Couldn't Help Ourselves
So we skinned straight up Pike in a game of
"Who's Skins Climb the Best?"

We huffed and we puffed
And sometimes we slipped
But every stride was worth it
This was one hell of a trip!

And now, without further B.S. from me, enjoy the sunset from our ascent up Pico!

Thanks to everyone who works at
for a kick ass celebration
of Winter
of Skiing
of Mountains

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,