Cooper's First Black Diamond!!

The goal is to get Cooper ready for Superstar by May 1st.

So, after several weeks of training on Snowshed and other various green terrain,
I felt that this morning was going to be his big day.

He was ready.

Hip to Hip, Nose to Butt and generally all in the melted snow on the sides of the trail,
Cooper and Vespi made their way up toward our destination:


Underneath a blazing sunrise, the three of us meandered up Snowdon, only atopping a few times so that the upper mountain workers could meet this new puppy.

One guy I think went out of his way to find us...
"So this is the new pup"

My favorite part of the skin up?
Watching the reflection of the sun in the still firm slush puddles of melting snow.
I have never skied pink snow before.
Perhaps I have a new goal for this season.

And this morning was definitely pink.

with just a little bit of glorious blue to top it all off!

But then it was time to get down to business.

Not surprisingly, Cooper was completely uninterested in our deskin treat this morning.
He found a beer can instead.

Unphased by the pitch of the terrain, Vespi calmly made her way down Highline.
It wasn't a powder day, you know.

But, Cooper, well, he doesn't really have a lot of experience with steep terrain.
Unable to get traction with his puppy claws as we rounded the pitch, he laid flat on his belly and slid about half way down Highline.

As he passed me his back legs were spread wide and he was simply enjoying the slide until he stopped, ever so casually, on the next mound of softening corn snow...and turned around to flash me a super big grin :)

his first glisse!!

of course, I hate taking photos while I ski...
but Cooper is just simply too cute!

Well, Vespi and I are headed up to the Whites for a few days to get our glisse on.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum, Vespi & Coopie


  1. Cooper looks like a cutie! Love the ears and tongue just a flopping!!! Still not as cute as Vespie!!!

    1. You're right about that! He does make her look a little old though LOL


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