Tuesdays Are For Romance

The BF and I have designated Tuesdays as Date Days.
We spend the day tooling around Killington, riding the lifts, cruising the greens till we get bored & drop into the woods and generally treating it like what it really is: an amusement resort.

Last week, we knew we were on to something when our lift stopped on the stantion wheels and we got to make a wish - TWICE!
The first time, we were on the SkyePeak Quad, enjoying the sunshine while the second we were soaking up the rays on the Snowdon Quad.

What do you wish for when your chair stops on the wheels?
Since I was a little girl I have always make exactly the same wish.
I wish for snow
But of course, it's not all about Great Eastern and the South Ridge Link.
It's about the waffles and the empanadas...
...and the Apres-Ski wings and rolls at Sushi Yoshi
...maybe it's about rekindling our love for the mountain by taking a tour down Soliude...
Or is it about just finding our very own space and getting lost on the mountain?
Yeah, there are times when it's about moving as gracefully and efficiently
through the tree trails as our bodies and the snow will allow
Other times it's about actually looking at the beauty of the trees themselves
...and not just focusing on the spaces inbetween
But no matter the weather or the conditions,
we get to ski together and enjoy our mountains.
And that is what makes Tuesdays magical.
May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum & the BF