It DUMPS in APRIL...and I'm stuck in New York

I fell victim to the guilt trip.

"It's the only time we've celebrated the holidays at home home in so long...why can't we just do it this time?"
My parents sounded desperate.
With only two and a half snowcovered trails, Killington looked desperate.
So why not head down to my childhood home to spend the holidays?


I left my parents' house early enough to get here in time to enjoy a couple hours in the powder before they shut the lifts off...

if only there had not been a double tractor - trailor accident on the Thruway.
Exactly the length of time I had to ski.
2 Hours.

i could feel a tear roll down my cheek as the traffic slowed to a complete standstill.
I was going to miss the most epic say of the season.

As we inched along, Vespi moved into the front seat and I took my calm from her. Petting her as I played Toots & the Maytalls out of my old iPod.
Trying to convince myself that it somehow didn't matter than I was missing the April miracle snow, that people weren't finding waist deep drifts and regular snow up to mid thigh. That maybe somebow all this didn't matter because I got to spend some quality time with my family.

But I live in a ski town for the whole purpose of NOT missing days like today!!

I strolled into Rutland around 4:20pm and to watch in amazement as the rainy weather turned into a gorgeous winter wonderland. I switched my music over to Bob Gibson's Ski Tunes and began belting out the lyrics for some of my favorite ski addict songs, once again embraced by the dream of skiing :). There was snow everywhere! On the trees, on the truly was an April Miracle Snow!
Winter had returned.

My heart began to race as I made my way up the Killington Access Road.
I'm gonna make it!
I'm finally get some skiing in!
- where family comes second and skiing comes first.
it's good to have your priorities in order.

But the snow is deep.
and really heavy.
making the lower elevation skinning a true exercise in frustration monitorization.
instead of riding my powder high, this whole damn day was about bringing my breathing back under control just to get to the damn powder. Every weight every step had to be back on my heels to keep my tip from diving under the snow. Which would have been fine if it was light, fluffy snow.
this was weight lifting snow.
Dense solid and...packing a mean base that is going to be here for quite some time.
So now who thinks we'll be skiing in May and quite possible June?

As I snowshoes with my skins on through the heavy snow, I let my brain wander.
Six hours of driving (shoulda been four)
two hours of skinning (should been one)

Was I ever gonna get to the top of this freaking mountain to enjoy the snow?

Outside the woods, the winds were howling and the snow was coming down hard.
It was a veritible blizzard out there.
And while I was only gonna get one miraculous run out of this whole intensely frustrating day, there was gonna be complete and utter joy about the whole thing.

I took my skins off quickly, no time to goof around here
Took one deep breathe
And jumped off into the solid white greatness that was our April Powder Day.

See You all on the K1 tomorrow!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum & Vespoli


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    1. I came across his Ski Songs album super randomly one day - a freakin helarious collecion of folk songs for skiers, including "Super Skier". don't worry, the next day I was playing my cassette tape from Liscence to Thrill

  2. I just found your blog and love it. I'm an Oregon ski bum, but I have to work for a living..... but I get out as much as I can!

    1. THANKS!!
      Nobody ever realizes what hard work it is to ski everyday!
      Glad you're enjoying the blog :)


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