Skiing April?

After a disastrous warm spell the past few weeks, we received a moment of respite this morning as we woke up to a world completely covered in...


With Cooper in town for the holiday week, I took the two puppies up to Skye Peak to enjoy some fresh powder turns and celebrate the April winter weather. Between the wrestling in and the eating of the powder, we gradually made our way up the mountain. And it wasn't just any was light, fluffy and fresh :) Just what we could have wanted! Except that the corporation had the bright idea to groom pretty much all of it. So it was a VERY good thing that we woke up early and were willing to earn our turns to enjoy some pretty excellent greatness on Lower Skye Lark :)

Thank You, Mother Nature, for one more day to play in the powder!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum, Vespi & Cooper, too!