The Last Day...for Lift Service

The Day we all know will eventually come but never truly want to see arrive...
is here.
Today, at 5pm, the last chair will load on the Superstar Quad and the last chair sign will ascend the mountain for the final time of the season. 

 It will probably be raining this year - a stark contrast from the beautiful weather of last year. 
 There will be fewer people, so many having already given up on the this season.
But the ski bums will be there.
Those of us that have chosen to spend our lives playing in the snow, rejoicing over the feeling of glisse as we schuss down the mountain.
There is just something magical about that feeling, that schuss, that makes everything else in the world slowly slip away until we are left with only ourselves and the mountain. Our skis are merely a tool through which we can free ourselves, our spirits take flight in the silky rhythym of the turns...
Today is a day for celebration.
To remember all that this ski season has brought us.
Yes, the sadness and frustration of an extremely low snow year...
but also the joy and happiness of annually recreating our relationship with the mountain. 
 So last year we played in the woods, 
this year we had to relearn to enjoy arcing sick groomers at high speeds...

What will next year bring?
May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum & Vespoli


  1. This is a very bittersweet post for me Merisa. My long time friend and the person that brought me to the mountains and taught me how to ski died last night. Last Chair huh. Never give up on a season, you'll never know when you have another one. Please enjoy a run for me, and for Todd and all the other real ski bums that we have lost. Sorry to post bad news on a blog, but sometimes you just hit the nail right on the head, and today was one of those. Stay rad, and keeping pointed down hill.

    1. Oh Phil...I am so sorry about Todd. I will indeed ski this last run for him, for you and for all the real ski bums we have lost. We are a small group, but a tight knit one. Skiing eats at your soul, it makes your heart pump, it forces you to breathe every morning. Todd knew this magic and he passed it on to you. And for that, we will be eternally grateful.


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