With minimal snow on the ground here in Killington, we loaded up the car and headed to the Adirondacks to get our float on.

The complete oppopsite of our last canoe trip in the pouring rain, the paddle out to the first campsite was under an almost full moon. The sky was littered with stars and we were able to turn our headlamps off as we headed out onto the lake.

We awoke to a lake so thick with fog it felt like we were in a world all our own.

As the fog lifted, I returned to the site to find the boyfriend just finished frying the breakfast bacon :)

We set out for the first portage, a quick and easy, up and over a random railroad track - as we were debating whether this was an active track, a pick-up truck rolled down the line. Strange.

The shores were lined with old metal Grummans, their camoflouged occupants deep in the woods with their rifles and bright orange life jackets.

Our second portage was definately a brisk one. We came upon a cove too shallow for our canoe and no available shoreline. So off came the shoes and socks and we waded our canoe across the narrow cove. Holy crap was that cold water!

Once again, we paddled well into the night. After a spritz of rain and a stop for tea, the water turned into glass. My absolute favorite :) Your paddle cuts so cleanly into the water and the boat barely cuts a ripple as you glide across. It's so smooth, like silk would be in a dream.

The beauty of our evening paddle was matched only by the sunrise that we just happened to wake up for - because we set the tent up in the sun. When we finally got up around eight, the thermometer read 90 degrees in the tent!

Our third portage was a long, flat haul where we probably could have dragged our crappy plastic canoe...but the day was so beautiful we really didn't complain. Although Vespi still wonders why we Take so long.

We spent most of the third day just basking in the warm sun, reading and doing sudoku. This was the site of our first canoe camping trip several years ago and it was wonderful to spend some time reliving the memories.

Of course, camping in the wilderness isn't just fun and relaxation. Everyday things still have to get done...and it was my job to filter the water this morning.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,