20 May 2011

Last night, my parents dropped off their 10 year old golden retreiver to stay with us for the week while they went to visit family. It has now become Vespi's job to show her Rippie all the awesome things that she gets to do and sniff everyday - starting with skiing this morning in the fog melt.

The snow has definately started to show dirt in between, which means we are starting to get closer to the end :( of our fantastic 2010-2011 winter season. This photo was taken right as you roll over the headwall...and right into this mini obstacle course. Remember, the headwall is all rocks!

But, the most interesting section came a little further down...the challenge? How do we get from this snow patch to that snow patch without taking our skis off? Gotta love the fast grass :)

Here is proof that Rippie is aptly named - he was rippin' it down Superstar today!! Straight running everything with a huge grin!! Yeah, this dog loves skiing :)

With the miracle of a percipitation free day, I had to stop off at the local singletrack on my way to the grocery store...And, yes, I was definately the muddiest person at Price Chopper today...

...why you ask? Well, besides the shallow pockets of mud everywhere, this crash on Overlook might have something to do with it!

This was Superstar around 7pm tonight when I was getting home from pedaling - I feel like there was a lot more snow just this morning :( Now we just keep our fingers crossed that the weather holds out so the snow can hold out...only 11 more days until June!!

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Killington, Vermont