19 May 2011

The Sun was out today!! So that meant hoofing it up to try to get as much skiing in as possible...so first it was straight up Superstar...why? Because I was feeling a little sadisttic today, I guess?

but Cascade was looking so good that I changed course and headed up Launch Pad over to the K-1 Gondola - which was running today for the workers.

See...there it is! The Blue Sky right before we're about to drop down Cascade. Watch out though, the snow is starting to cave in where it has rotted out below...

Then we hiked back up and took Bike Trail 2 back over to Gateway...it was a Moose Poop Obstacle Course! This was the one section where there wasn't any...and the best part? Vespi stayed clean!!

Except for the muddy, muddy bits where we were walking through a little bit of run-off...

And, since Vespi was picking our hike, we had to go check out Cable Trail. It is her favorite - and she was visibly dissapointed when I said no. Not quite yet, Vespi, but we'll be on the bike up here soon enough :)

Besides, today we were going skiing! We met up with some ski buddies, one of whom was reconstructing his binding mid-headwall, and skied off into the mist :)

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Killington, Vermont