Tropical Storm Irene: The Damage

Finally found some wifi service in town!!

East Mountain Road right by my house.

Bear Run (off East Mountain Road)

Playing IN the road. Literally.

Water running off East Mountain Road

Roundabout Road (Off East Mountain) where the pavement does end

the guard rails are floating :(

East Mountain Road looking at Great Eastern Bridge

Rim Road (off East Mountain Road)

East Mountain Road - looking downhill from under the Great Eastern Bridge

East Mountain Road looking uphill toward Great Eastern Bridge.

The road gave out aftere this point. There was no access to Bear Mountain, Sunrise or to Route 4 via this route. As of Monday afternoon all the debris was cleared from East Mountain and the road was deemed "passable" although extremely sketchy and undermined.

We still have no roads out of town.

.May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Killington, VT


  1. Do you know if any of the homes were damaged on Trailview Drive? I'm concerned about everyone in Killington and curious to know if my house is ok (A-frame on the corner of Trailview & Beechnut Ln).
    Feeling powerless and frustrated so many miles away.

  2. Killington has been our second home for 20 years. Praying for everyone there. Your Killington images are beautiful. Do you know how the residents and homes are on east mountain road? Want to get there to help with supplies but was told no access.
    908 803 0253

  3. any chance for you to take a few pictures of 257 Rim Road.Its one more house past the picture of Rim
    under the skyship. Most interested behind the house as it points up hill.
    If you would like to call 516-658-3785 best wishes be safe!
    thanks Frank

  4. Hey everyone - if you have questions about your property In Killington, please go to the - on the website there is the appropriate contact information. Local officials have been going through town, checking properties and such, so please contact them with any questions. The town is now out of gas and have asked that we all stop driving around. (We've been on our bikes since Monday).

    If you would like to make a donation to the VT Foodbank, text FOODNOW to 52000


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