Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene: The Water

Woke up this morning, threw on my Arcteryx rain gear over my pajamas, and headed out into the pouring rain to see what I could find. And wow, did I find awesome!! Note: some of these photos aren't very good quality, but they show some crazy water :)

Falls Brook was awesome!! There was a lot of woohoo-ing from me just listening to how loud the brook was, how much water was moving, etc. It's going to be pretty scary when all this mountain runoff gets to the valley!

Just a generally neat photo, I thought.

My first stop was the Growler Runoff, where the corporation has done some reconstructing for silt control. There was a nice gentleman, with shovel in hand, checking out all the drainage while I was there. He seemed pretty enthusiastic about how everything was working and was off to check out Pico this afternoon.

A little damage on Falls Brook Trail...

And a peaceful moment amidst a day of chaos :)

Then it was off to the Waterwheel for some gas, talk politics with Charlie and check out the waterfall behind the building! That sucker was moving! Plus, I found out that the Mill Road and other valley roads are flooded. Stay safe, lowlanders!

This last photo was taken at noon at the exit to the culvert on Ravine Road. The second photo shows the water circling around and moving back UP STREAM. I quickly moved out of there and decided it was time for lunch. Scary.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Falls Brook, Growler Runoff, Waterwheel Waterfall, Roaring Brook, Killington, VT


  1. Female ski bum is OK but stranded without power in Killington. She can only communicate by Twitter and Text Messaging.

  2. Hi there, not sure what you'll get first. I posted your picture of KBL on Rutland Herald's live chat. They are seeking permission to share it officially and in print. Of course, that's not mine to give. Said I'd try to reach the owner of it. (can also get me at @ssimonindc on Twitter)