Wanderlust: Part I Yoga

For my first official yoga experience, I began slightly overwhelmed and apprehensive. Here I was, having never taken a yoga class, and I was about to jump right in to 6 hours of classes taught by some of the most famous teachers in the country...

Our 8am class began by wandering around in the fog, waiting to get our names checked off the list so we could take Desiree Rumbaugh's class, The Art of Play: A Fun and Exhilirating Flow Class.

After a fun warm up, she asked us to step outside our comfortable yoga "Can You Do This?" and try new things. Try a lunge, place your hand underneath your arm and then try to tap your neighbor with your foot...I also did my first handstand...Ever.

There were spiritual moments everywhere...

Yeah, the Gaiam Tent squeezed in 500 yoga mats a class...

The Stratton Village made for a great venue for the festival...

Waiting for Locating the Light Your Practice in the Anusara Tent with Elena Bower, a spiritual class where we learned to soften the back of our hearts to help create an energy of light to surround us. Instead of laughing, we were reduced to humble, tearful yogis and left the class feeling so light we could fly :)

After a relaxing lunch break where we rode the gondola to the top of Stratton Mountain (see Wanderlust: Part II The Mountain), we were off to the Gaiam Tent for The Body's Sacred Geometry with John Friend. It was here where we delved into the specifics of exactly where the body should be in order to acheive the ultimate organic flow...and then how to take that precision off the mat and into the real world. And I did a forearm stand. Sha-Bam!

My fellow Yogis, welcoming me into a brave new world...

All psyched up at the Off the Mat, Into the World Yoga Class taugh by OTM Founder Seane Corn with music by Michael Franti. Yep, it was our personal yoga concert. Imagine 500 Yogis standing in Tree with their hands on each others shoulders not only swaying but DANCING as we went through our asanas. This was one rockin' yoga class :)

My Ski Sister - and now Yoga Sister - OmnicronCeti & I all dressed up ready to party!!

The evening concert? Michael Franti rocked the super enthusiastic crowd for a few hours. What an amazing way to end such a fantastic day!

If you would like to see what the mountain looked like during the festival, check out Wanderlust: Part II The Mountain.

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Wanderlust Festival, Stratton, VT