Farewell to the Glades Triple

I’ve skied you so so many times,
Under clouds, through fog and in the sun
I’ve skied you all summer in my dreams 
And in the fall when you are the only one

I’ve skied you with snow,
And with no snow at all
I’ve skied you when you first open
That greatest of all days in the fall

I’ve skied you when I’ve been happy
And broken out into song.
And I’ve skied you when I’ve been way too sad
Letting the tears fall while I rode along.

I’ve found weed on the trail below you,
And rescued a good friend’s bowl.
I’ve seen you get pummeled by snowguns,
When early opening is the goal.

I’ve slalomed the bamboo underneath you,
For when you were drooping really low
But it was only because so many people want to ride you
And celebrate skiing on that first fall snow.

I dropped a kid off of you once,
and then jumped off myself
I have friends that can’t seem to stay on you
Like, seriously, they contain themself!

Oh those fall days when there are too many people
And the photos of the really long line,
But there would be shouts of “Happy Winter,”
And the passing of a flask which made the wait just fine.

You’ve been there to greet me,
After an early morning hike.
I’ve even made braaapp noises underneath you,
Blasting by on my mountain bike.

It’s the home of the best terrain for drills
And the home of my dad’s first blue square
It’s been home to race camps and terrain parks
And probably a few bear.

I won’t miss the stupid Slow sign
Or the fact that we were squished
But you are yet another triple,
That will be very dearly missed.

I’ve skied you with so very many wonderful people
With the BF & my dear old dad.
It’s no wonder that saying goodbye to you
Has made me so reflective and just a bit sad.

So to the chair that brought us together,
Making possible Day One,
Thank you so much for all the memories,
The laughs, the smiles and the fun.

The Glades Triple

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,


  1. Tyrolean_skier (ML)Sunday, April 07, 2019

    So glad I got to share that last ride on it today with you and your friend. Great writing.


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