January Thaw: Pitter Patter. Patter Pitter

Tink. Tink. Tink. Tink. Tink. Tink.

Raindrops on the roof 
Pitter Patter.  Patter Pitter.
it’s that damn January thaw
In the middle of winter

We had finally gotten snow
Quite a bit of it, too
Everyone seemed pretty happy
Except perhaps a plow guy or two

The skiers and riders
Were bouncing around
Trashing every inch of the powder
That could ever be found

But now they will stop
And always complain
Just because this weekend
We’ll have to ski in the rain

So get some damn rain gear 
And some waterproof gloves
The rain really shouldn’t matter
If it’s truly skiing you love.

The trees will bring shelter
And the snow will be soft
Don’t be afraid to get wet,
And don’t stand there aloft

We’ll be right there on in it
Our hair soaking wet
We’ll be laughing and skiing,
And having fun, I would bet

The next time you’re complaining
About all this January rain,
Remember - It’s your fault you’re not skiing
And being a general pain

Sure the snow won’t be perfect;
It won’t be a bluebird day
You can choose to be miserable
Or you can have fun and play!

For there is no bad weather,
There is only bad dress
So change your bad attitude
And come ski in this mess!


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