Deer Tracks through the Snow

Where I am going,
I do not know.
I am following the tracks
of a deer through the snow

With skis on my feet
I can slide through the pow
Over logs and under bushes,
where is this deer heading now?

We've been sharing a skin track
for just the past few weeks
We take turns breaking trail
and then being the meek

This time he is the leader
through the newly fallen snow
And so I blindly follow
I don't really care where we go

Because the snow it is everywhere
on the ground and in the trees
On my hat and down my jacket,
A blanket as deep as my little deer's knees

I can't help but blindly wander
through the snow drifted wood
I just know this deer is taking me
To where the skiing is just too damn good.

Somehow it will keep snowing,
I can't tell you how I know,
But I can feel it in my skis,
this year, we should expect a lot of snow.

It's not even Christmas, or New Year's!
we're already skiing stuff we haven't in years
I think our whole town has gone sappy
Because I am not the only one crying tears.

Have you been out and skied it,
the snow in this unbelievable year?
I mean, look at this photo -
I'm almost mid-thigh over here!

I just can't stop looking & staring,
at trees covered with so much snow,
Everyone's face is beaming,
putting off their own alpenglow

I never thought I would feel it,
A season where I almost didn't believe
But the disbelief in this December,
made me realize that perhaps I did grieve

But it's here, it truly is,
our world covered in marshmallow snow
The peace and quiet that goes with it
except when the strong north winds blow

Oh how I have missed you,
world covered with white,
To be wrapped in your spirit
Makes everything finally feel just right

The woods are a playground,
anywhere you want you can slide
Letting your skis take you down the mountain
Through a beautiful fluffy white ride.

I'm watching the snow as it piles up deep,
and dreaming of more that will fall while I sleep,
Together we keep wandering,
up mountains & through trees -
I will follow this deer -
Because for that, I will need my skis.

May You Find
the Spirit of the Mountains
Within You,



  1. So many sweet, real moments in this piece, thank you!!


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