Cream Cheese Hero Snow Gloriousness

I hadn't realized it was spring yet.  

Only Yesterday, 
we were freezing
standing in the cold
skiing knee deep powder.

That was yesterday,

Today my face is on fire
and I am sweating.  

The sky is a stunning blue.
the kind of blue that makes you
go ride the North Ridge Triple for the 
Optimum Tanning Angle.
The sky is goggle tan blue.

You know it,
you can feel it coming. 
Your cheeks,
no longer bitten by frost,
are on fire from the reflection
of the snow onto your face.
Your lips are chapped.
your fingernails peeling and chipping and ... damn it.

We ride the Canyon Quad,
because its midweek and we can today.
Also, because there was sun on Double Dipper all day.
And it is freaking glorious.

Not the knee deep powder kind of glorious,
or the groomed to the nines while we've got the perfect wax glorious,
or the soft powder bumps with large scrappy bits in random places glorious,

This was the cream cheese hero snow greatness.
Soft, instant mashed potato snow,
That with a little effort,
Is the best playground on the planet.
At least for me.

Skiing our line down the right side,
My dad's line,
The last time he skied powder with his girls.
This is that line.

We cross over the work road
and dive down over the roller
I'm right on his tails 
Jump, Sink, Compress, rotate, Press, Rise
it's all flying at me in sequence,
Pressuring the tails more and more 
feeling that playful pop 
as my tails throw me into the next turn
It's soft,
It's playful
and it's not so heavy!

I'm following...
Screw this,

I move to the left, 
toward the middle
into the usually quite firm abyss
I break from his rhythm 
to find my own,
at least for a few turns
until I hairpin back over

But wait,
there's so scrappy bits.
the middle is glorious!
cream cheese hero snow gloriousness!
I am free!
I am free!

I am launching my skis
jumping this mound over toward the next
turning in the air
throwing in some hop turns for fun
Who cares?

This is killer awesome!!

That line,
you know,
the one that is never there.
that is always gross
where the Joeys and Jerrys go

That line,
The Line.

Now let's go do it twice,
you know,
to get it right.

Then we should probably go and hit Lower Ovation
at least twice.

Praise Be the Sun Gods
(may they go away now so that we can have winter for just a few more weeks?)

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,