Dressing for Yesterday

the frigid horror of 
six degrees farenheit
a severe wind-chill warning 
and a not-so warming sun bright in the sky
was still running through my mind.

and then the thermometer read 
-20 F
when I checked immediately upon waking up this morning.
- 20 F?????

 So I rolled back over 
and snuggled into the boyfriend's back.

The view from Pico Mountain after skinning the Hershey Highway
 and dreamed about how cold it has been.
the kind of dream where you 
wake up shivering
constantly cold
and unable to break into the warmth
save for your few treasured minutes
in a nice hot shower

So this time I grabbed enthusiastically 
for that would make me finally be warm enough
that I might actually sweat
and being completely warm
I do love winter,
so badly it hurts,
but even I hate the permanent chill in my spine.

My warmer touring gloves,
with waffled warmers
an extra layer everywhere
and within 20 minutes I was
pulling the hood off my head 
feeling the steam come off my head
like a chimney


I found the cure
and I am finally so cozy and comfortable
except for the pain of moving
sliding each boot forward
my hamstrings are stretching
calves and hip flexors are screaming
Move Quicker, Stride Longer
the harder you push,
the warmer you are
and I am 


Jason Beaupre, a serious Peak Bagger & an old friend
of the boyfriend's, on his first ski touring experience
May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains With You,