Saturday, November 22, 2014

My ski world is changing ....

I have always been a loner when I ski.
If I don't like your trail selection,
I will usually just ski away.
My ski time is my time.
For me.

The snow is mine,
the turns are mine,
the trail is mine,
the mountains are mine.


I sound like a two year old.
and probably behave like one, too.
(yeah, I snaked that first chair).

But something strange is happening.
I have made a friend.
or two.
and then two more.
and they ski.
and they are ...

That's right.
Girls who ski.
Girls who LIKE to ski.
Girls who actually WANT to ski.
Girls who LOVE to ski!!

For so long, I thought I was alone.
Most of the girls I grew up racing with
won't ski unless their kids need to.
They didn't want to be cold,
or challenged
or go on adventures.
I had to beg them to go
I promise this will be fun.

They were not skiers.

I needed girlfriends who laughed and giggled
who wanted to play in the snow
just like we played with barbies and my little ponies.

I needed girlfriends to hug at the bottom of an amazing run
who wanted to wear a perms-grin all day
just like when you discovered that THAT boy really liked you.

Girls who were stoked to ski dust on crust
or hike through thigh deep powder.
Girls who meet for first gondi just because
or argue about the merits of a particular binding in the lift line.
Girls who will come over and watch ski movies
or who want to go shopping ... for the perfect ski boots.

Girls who know their DIN setting
or understand the nuances of each type of Gore-Tex.
Girls who work their butts off in the ski industry
or plan their work schedules around their skinning schedules.
Girls who get stoked when they end up wearing ski pants all day at work
or buy that necklace because it's gonna look great with long johns.

These are the girls I thought did not exist.
I thought I was alone.
I don't know if I am finding them
or they are finding me.
But I don't care.
I have girlfriends to ski with.

I have Ski Sisters.

Look for us on the hill -
we'll be the ones laughing.

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