A Ski Bum's Wedding Blessing: A Reading for the Marriage of Kelly and Tucker

For Kelly & Tucker

May Your Days be Filled with Powder,
And Mountains,
And Snow.

May You Find Joy and Happiness
Wherever it is your skis may go.

May You Make Warmth for Each Other
When You are Stuck on the Lift

May You always have skis, hats,
Sunglasses or jackets as a time treasured gift.

May You Help the Other to Smile,
When the last run has made them frown

May You Find Joy in Earning Your Turns
As Well as Ripping them on the way down.

May You Find Freedom in the Spaces
Rather than stare at the trees

May you Have snow up to her belly,
Well, at least, up to his knees.

May you Remember to do Laundry
During the big powder week

May you take the time to cherish nature
When into the woods you go to sneak.

May You find a way to compromise
When one goes left, the other skis right

May You Never be the couple in the liftline
Having that super huge annoying fight.

May You Laugh Right out Loud
At the other's super big Yard Sale

May You Find a Smile Years Later
When once again you hear the tale

May You Help Each Other Up
when you are stuck in wicked deep powder

May You SHOW the other you love them
Each and every single hour

May You Find Peace with Each Other,
When you can no longer ski

May You Make Memories in these Mountains
And May your Love set you Free.