Let the Dreams Begin!! (otherwise titled: Where are my Glove Liners?!)

Time is rolling toward the beginning of August,
And although my friends are still lounging
Basking in the sun on beachy shores,
I am here.
In Vermont.

Where the Dreams Have Started.

The weather in the mountains has changed.

Hoodies return to their place of honor
(at least at the ends of the day)

A day spent paddling in sixty degree rain
Is followed by a wicked cup of hot cocoa
Topped with marshmallows meant for the campfire.

We snuggle together in bed
as the cold wind from the open window
Brushes across goose pimpled skin.

But it is not quite cold enough for me.

So we wait...
until after dinner.

Halfway up the mountain,
The breeze picks up
The temps begin to plummet.

As the sun sets in the sky,
The summer weather goes with it
And I can smell the changing of the season.

We have timed our hike perfectly,
Summiting just as the sun dips behind the ridge.

And I realize

- gleefully -

That is is

As we descend in the darkness,
Guided only be headlamp
And the pull of two leashed dogs,
I add a long sleeve wool base layer.

A second stop makes me throw on my hiking shell.
A third has me pulling my hood over my headlamp.

I can't stop anymore.
I didn't bring any more clothes.
I have to walk faster to keep warm.

I am rapidly losing dexterity in the my fingers,
Dreaming about how nice glove liners would have been.

And that can only mean one thing...


Let the Dreams Begin!!