Rain in May is the Saddest Rain of All

I sit in the darkness
on a pillow on the ground
And all I can hear is the rainiest of sounds

It's pouring off the roof,
and Puddling up in the garden
The Sky it is glowing
...and perhaps, so we hope, by at least Monday it will be snowing

But I know,
without pictures, and images and statuses
That the horriblest of horribles
is outside right now happening.

We are so close to June,
I've got the bugbites to prove it
Somehow I thought it could last forever
And that we would never lose it.

But even in the dark,
I know what is happening
The runoffs are full,
and the water is moving

And the sound of the rain,
that in the heat of July I will cheer for
mirrors the ache in my heart
and my dreams that are drowning

For the time is upon us,
the end it is near
winter cannot stay forever,
i know, i know

but we were gonna be open in June this year!!

I feel like the Yanks in 1994,
As the SOX stole the fall classic
All I can do is close my eyes
and hang my head in the dugout

I don't stand a chance
the snow is leaving so fast
I just wanted one more weekend,
one more ride on the quad

But Vespi's not bummin,
she knows her ski time is near
the time when we earn what is left
be it 50 turns or five

We shall ski till its gone,
I will see you in June.
I don't care that this damn rain is taking my snow
V and I will NOT say goodbye this soon!!