Monday, May 6, 2013

A Trip to Tuckerman Ravine: One Ski Dog's Story

Humans are sooooo slow.
I have already taken my after breakfast nap,
and they are still getting their boots on,
and organzing all the extra stuff they have to bring.
Humans always need so much stuff.

Wait, there's my leash...
it's time to go puppy skiing!!

Oh right, I remember this place.
We won't be skiing for a while.
But it's okay, there are so many different sniffs on this trail.
I can't decide what's more interesting,
all the different people or...

oh great,
a golden retiever puppy is coming up behind us.
please don't jump on me.

We don't have to hike with them,
right, mom?
Cause you love me more, right?
pet ME!!

Another pit stop while they change from skins into crampons,
I will have to remember to keep my paws away from them.
As I sniff around, I remember...
this is the mountaineering trail to the top,
where the super sweet sniffies are.
I remember last time we were here there was a sweet spot to howl from,
I hope that is where we are going this time!!

Whoah, i had forgotten how steep this trail is.
Could someone just give me a little push on this section?
Yeah, this one with the rope and no snow?
Phew, I almost went over backwards there.
Good thing my mom was right behind me to help.
Maybe I should thank her by licking some of the sweat of her nose.
Maybe I should just...lay down on the side of the trail to take a quick break.

You guys didn't tell me there was gonna be bouldering!!
It is always filled up with snow here!
I love bouldering!
I can go over here, or over here
wait, I'm stuck over here
gotta go back there

Mom is still behind us, right da?
should i check on her?
I should check right?
okay. phew. I see her.
she's taking pictures.
of course

Come on, Mom!
We're almost to the howling spot!
Maybe there will be snow soon...
but the howling spot, the howling spot
maybe you will yodel with me?
like last time?
Or give me a top out treat?
i like those.
they would go well with all the yummy snow I am eating.

So we keep going, right?
No, taking a break?
the packs are off, we must be taking a break.
some puppy food?
ahhh, I am just gonna lay down for bit in this shady spot.

How was I supposed to know those were fragile alpine plants?!
Nobody tells me anything!
You don't have to snap your fingers at me.
I didn't touch them, I swear...
I just sniffed them.
I got it. I got it.

The packs are back on again,
and we have met up with another human.
And he doesn't have a dog.
He sniffies pretty good though, like canoes or something.
approved for pack membership today,
okay, mom.

I'm gonna go roll in the snow over here.
I see a path through the snow over there.
Over there, up that upper snow field...
Can I be the leader this time??

It's getting steeper.
I can see my mom using her hands just like me.
Four Paw Drive really does work best on these big mountains.
I keep trying to see around my mom, but she won't let me pass.
she is always looking out for me.
Hopefully she knows I could pick a better route than this silly post holey section.
Look, come over here...
this snow is waaaay better!!

Come on, you guys,
the top is just ahead!!
Then we can go Puppy Skiing, right?
Like really fast?
I can catch you,
I promise.
But only if you wait for me sometimes.

Oh, we are gonna hang out here for awhile, aren't we?
Is it okay if I just lay down here and...

Did I miss anything?
Did you guys eat anything without me?
Everybody still here?
Cause I could use a scratch, right there, below my right ear.
Yeah....oh that's the spot.
Can you just smell all the wonderfulness from up here?
It peaceful.

Wait -
Are we going Skiing now?
Really? Now?
Can we go? Can we Go?
Can we go??


Woof! Woof! Woof!
This is freaking awesome!!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You


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