One Month of Skiing at Killington...And I am Completely Obsessed

I have been a very bad girl.
I have fallen into the abyss.
I have gone skiing.

And I have forgotten about the rest of the world.

It happens.
Every winter.
Where I forget about absolutely everything except where and when I am going to make that next turn. I fall asleep debating whether or not to skin for Dawn Patrol or stand in line waiting desperately for first cabin. Dinner is eaten early so I can be in bed by at least 10pm - if not wicked earlier - so I get enough sleep to ski. Nights at home consist of making dinner and then trying not to fall asleep on the couch before bedtime.

I eat. I ski. I work. I eat one more time. And then I sleep.

All the mundane things of life slip away, consciously at first and then i just plain forget. Only a timer on my phone reminds me that the mortgage is due or that I have to pay the electric bill. The grocery store seems so far away, and Neil Diamonds at the Phat Italian are just soooo much closer. We eat spaghetti, mac & cheese, whatever I can make work in the fridge. I don't really care, my mind is already wondering which section of the mountain is going to have the sexiest snow in the morning,

I mean, I knew this would happen.
It always does.
But I never imagined that it would happen this early in the season.
It is kind of frightening, really.
For a girl who likes to be in control of all things,
the thing I have the least control over is my life once skiing begins.

The mountain rules my life.
And I am not really sure if I want it back.

Let's Look at the facts.
1. My Dad is skiing through his bi-weekly chemo treatments. We meet for first cabin in the mornings and ski until he is ready for a nap (which can be one run or two hours). This is freaking the awesomest ever.

2. My boyfriend is skiing 5 days a week after two years practically off snow from a traumatic brain injury. After almost eleven year together, I am falling in love with him (and his unbelieveably gorgeous turns) all over again.

3. I have a pretty swet job in which I get to talk about skiing all day long. And working at Base Camp has come with some pretty sweet perks, like skis, boots, some unbelieveably sick ski gear from Mammut and owners who llve waking up at 5:30 in the morning to earn their turns. It is like working in a ski bum toy store.

4. It is December Fourth and My 35th Day of Skiing. Holy Shit!!

4. My sister actually got up for first gondola to ski with me and dad.
Hell just might have frozen over.

5. If the world has indeed frozen over, shouldn't we ski it?

And it has snowed (a little)
And been cold (just enough)
And there is no Dew Tour (so Killington can actually make snow!!)
And I have gotten fresh tracks pretty much every day for the past 25.

Sounds like the season is shaping up to be epic

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You
And let it take control of your life - at least just a little!!


  1. Your posts inspire me! Thanks for sharing the love!

    1. Glad you get inspired from my obsessive ramblings :) Hope you're getting some good turns in!!

  2. sounds like a perfect 35 days to me! jealous ...and cant wait to begin my weekend warrior trips up north in January!

    1. sounds wonderful!! Hopefully we will have tons of snow by then :)

  3. one of my favorite quotes is "dont just talk about it, be about it". and In your case not only are you about it, i love when you talk about it....... :P

    1. I've always heard that one should walk the walk and I have been trying to do that. I just wish I could walk a little bit further...LOL


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