A Marker of Thanksgiving: Let the Counting Begin!!

Sure, you've heard plenty of guys in the liftline ask the liftie the question.
Perhaps you've seen the parantheses surrounding the number at the end of a facebook status. You must have heard it late night in the bar, surrounded my high fives and shots.
When we were little, my mom would write our first initial on the calendar.
I liked when there were lots of M's.
The local at the bar pulls his glasses to the brim of his nose and looks at his watch. He looks to the sky and does some calculations in his head and comes out with an answer that will probably astound you.

These are the day counters.
This number can be seen as badge of honor.
A way of measuring one's true dedication to the sport.
The larger the number, the greater they glory.
Every day like another notch in the belt of the season.
Tagged This One.
Skied that One.
Self-Proclaimed members of this group greet each other
with handshakes of acknowledgement.
They celebrate in varying degrees as different milestones are reached.
While twenty might just receive a handshake in the liftline and fifty a beer at a bar, 100 gets you a night on the town.
150 might be a pat on the back...
but by 200 they hate you.

They stand as markers of time.
10 Days
20 Days
35 Days
50 Days
75 Days
100 Days
125 Days
150 Days
175 Days
200+ Days
Every season you try to ski a little bit more than the year before.
And you can't end of the season with 48...you gotta pull out two more.

You should congratulate that guy who just passed another milestone...
we work hard for those numbers.
Besides Life, there are days where we, like, totally go to work and stuff.
How about Kelly?
who drove to Boston, ran in the Fenway Spartan Race and then drove home to sneak in a few runs before the lifts closed.
Or Heidi?
Who is willing to get up at 5am and skin up
in order to make sure she can ski before work.
Or Dylan and Joey?
Two young gentlemen in the liftine this morning
waiting since 7:30am for the gondi to run
so that Dad (oops, I mean they) can grab that first cabin...

We all count for different reasons.
Simply Put,
I ski because...
that's who I am.
and where I live
and I am pretty much addicted.
But that's another blog.
(read here)

I count my blessings.
Each and every day I get to ski is a wonderful gift that I treasure.
Some obviously waaaay less than others.
Like yesterday. Didn't thrill me too much.
Honestly felt a little clausterphobic and didn't wanna to go.
But I would have felt a lot worse if I had not gone.
If I hadn't felt the snow sliding beneath me.
If I hadn't had my skis swinging beneath me
If I hadn't made a single curtsey or railroad track.
I shudder just thinking about it.
But the day before, and the day before that...and the day before that one
Now those were so spectacularly amazing!

Today marked Day 23.
Twenty-Three Days where I am Thankful that I am a Ski Bum.
I have seen wonderful sunrises and sunsets,
Packed Gondolas full of Dirty, Smelly Locals,
Laughed in the sunshine of the Glades Triple with Friends,
Skied a Whole Freakin Lot!!

How Many Days Will You Be Thankful For?

We all count for different reasons.
We all count for the same reason.
Because Deep Down...

We all just wanna be ski bums.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,


  1. Happy to be on the hill today for number 14... since I'm already behind I'll never catch you will I?

    1. Fourteen by Thanksgiving sounds pretty freakin' awesome to me! And ski for yourself - don't worry about catching me!!
      So long as you aim for more than the year before!!!!!!


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