A Vermont Staycation: Canoe Camping

As the children head back to school all across the country, those of us who adventure celebrate. The wooded places littered with screaming children all summer return to their natural state of peace and quiet. These schools even manage to return parents back to their offices, furthering the sense of solitude one can get when heading out into the woods after labor day.

And so, we loaded up the boats
(my canoe and his kayak)
and ran away this "weekend" to one of our favorite local haunts
for a Vermont Staycation.

There is, I do believe, nothing finer than feeling the float underneath you after a few months of stress and a removal from your everyday life. Whether it is from frozen powder or liquid water, the feeling of losing yourself, of floating above the earthly ground is a magical feeling. I was overcome yesterday as I stepped out into my canoe and shoved off the rocky shore. A few deep breathes were required before I could even lift my paddle to take those few essential strokes to add the glide.

And - since I am more than slightly obsessessed - all I could think about was how the leaves were changing, the air was getting colder, we were out paddling again, the kids were back in school - my heart rate began to slowly creep up in excitement and anticipation at the realization - we would indeed be skiing next month!
The snow is coming, it is going to be winter so soon...

And then I remembered...
It's only the beginning of September.

There are still loons and ducks on the ponds, no birds have yet flown south for the winter...and I still have lots of winter 2012-2013 gear left to unpack at the shop.

I reminder, if you will, to enjoy the beauty of autumn sunsets and the glowing of early morning sun as it seeps through the canopy onto the foliage leaves.

This is my favorite season.
The one before winter.
The one where ski season is almost here.

And with every sunset, another day passes.

So we set up our tent so that we can wake up to the sunrise,
get out the stove and the Long Trail...
...and sit down to watch the sun descend behind the Green Mountains.

Because it should be beautiful in Vermont this time of year.
If you can find your way in the early morning fog.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You