Thursday, June 7, 2012

Grafton Pond: Islands, Coves & Loons, Oh My!

For some reason, this little New Hampshire lake has found Its way into our hearts, so now that we've both settled into our boats and everything is...sigh...just was time to take ourselves to a place full of so many secrets, it would take years to know every nook and cranny - especially when the water level changes so often :)

We set sail in the beginning of the afternoon, with the weather looking favorable (i.e. it might only rain for maybe one of the five hours we would be on the water. I've got my system pretty dialed in at the moment: one dry bag for extra clothes and one for my first aid kit, survival kit, sunscreen, bugspray, toiletry bag and my just-in-case know, the one you always bring with you incase you would rather lay in the sun than paddle :)

With Aaron and I free in our own boats, we could maneuver around the islands, each finding our individual route through the water. It was kind of like how we ski together, constantly changing who is in front and which side we are own, some wierd continuous movement - not unlike bats - sensing whether the other might be and paddling around but not really "around" them. Dancing with boats might be a good way to describe it, I guess.

And so we continued, exploring every little cove we came across. I am convinced the ager was higher than last time, because I did not remember there being such large little coves on the back side of the lake. They were awesome...just hold your breathe to give you more float as you enter.

We explord every inch of Grafton Pond, except for one corner. A loon had stubbornly placed himself directly blocking some of the best coves on the pond. So, as always, the loons are given a wide berth and we have resigned to hopefully explore this pond again this paddling season - after the loons wre finished nesting.

Amazingly, right after we were reloaded into our boats after another trail lunch of summer sausage and cheddar, it started to pour. Again. I mean, I know it June Vermontsoon...but really? Give us a chance to at least dry out! But it wasn't all that bad (unlike today's surprise rainstorm where I paddled to the shoreline and sat in my canoe underneath what canopy was hanging out over the lake). The rain lightened up fairly quickly and we werre able to enjoy a nice paddle back along the more tradititional side of Grafton - the one with no islands.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
Merisa & Vespi

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