Thursday, March 1, 2012

No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn: Powder Day Part 2

It's Started Wednesday morning.
Light, fluffy snow faliing out of the sky
Nine hours earlier than the radar had predicted.
Here comes our storm!!

Like little kids awaiting the next day's candy,
we couldn't contain our smiles.
An apres-ski meal of Delictible sushi only got us thinking about the good ole days
When the powder was deep and the snow was light
So we couldn't wait until morning - so I took a quick nap..
Then we loaded up the car and got the skis set right
Turned on our headlamps
and headed out into the night
So, it wasn't yet deep
But the texture was there
All the tracks were filled in,
and we were floating on air
So I set my alarm for five on the dot
That early pow would like super totally be mine!!
I wouldn't, I couldn't sleep late even if I tried
There would be no waiting for the lifts to turn at NINE!
Man it was dumping!
And that snow was coming down hard
The wind was whipping around us like crazy
It was definitely one super sexy blizzard!!
And where were the groomers? The snowmobilers?
The catamount? The moose?
It was just Vespi and I, hellbent on checking
just what this long anticipated storm would produce
The snow was crazy, spiraling around
And most of the time we couldn't determine
which was a theigh high drift and what was just really flat ground
until we tripped on it and came up with a mouth full of snow :)
Just the final ascent to go... the skis have to come off
The drifts were higher than Vespi, who'd decided for once to break trail
And it was Up, Up & Over, this drift and that
And the wind, holy crap...skis on my shoulder were like a big fat sail
We found a quiet little niche, way up at the top
Where the wind wasn't blowing, it felt like it had stopped
We could have stayed their forever, in the thiegh deep pow
But we knew there was skiing to be had
Right Here & Right NOW!
So down we went, Through snow deeper than the dog
Until we turned the corner...and for turns 5 to 9 there was no snow at all
We laughed for a few as Vespi slid down the ice
And then around one more turn...
...into a wonderous marshmellow pillow heaven
There were PILLOWS hidden in those deep snowy drifts
Snow so light you could blow it away - never mind the howling wind.
It was there, right where I wanted it...
In between the trees and in the chutes
And always, yes always, Waaaay above my boots
Even Vespi was amazed at snow this deep
As I watched her pounce on the pillows with a hugh puppie grin
I wish you could see her joy as she bounds through the powder
But then you would have to be out here
...and there'd be less snow for me.
May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum & Vespoli

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