Friday, March 2, 2012

No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn: Powder Day Part 3

As I sit down to write this blog, my shoulders are hunched forward, all my hoods are up 
and I am cradling my water bottle like it might save me from certain death. 
I am starting to get the chills and my body is starting to ache with could only be the flu.

 It now seems apparent to me that perhaps my "No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn" mentality for this 
March Dump might not have been in my best interest, health wise. 

I've been skiing.
A Lot.
Last night, I went out for a classic cross-country tour at Mountain Meadows.  
The trail we chose had been left untouched & unexplored since it was groomed that morning. 
 This morning a 5:15am, I met some friends for a skin up Killington.
I am beginning to think that I just might be crazy.

Even Vespi is starting to show signs of wearing down. This morning, I had to literally lift her up to get her moving and she has decisively chosen to bark at customers in the shop rather than rise to greet them. You wouldn't have guessed had you seen her pouncing through the trees after me. 
She rips. 
No, seriously, she is right behind me in the trees.
One day I will figure out this GoPro business and I will prove her awesomeness to you.

But she, too, is exhausted. 
 Vespi will, however, still bounce up rapidly to enthusiastically share my banana, 
if only to return to her post beneath the register. 
 I would say she is conserving energy.

I just can't seem to get warm today (duh, flu).  
Yet I am still thinking about how I can convince the boyfriend that a night lap or two wouldn't be out of the question once I finish my bar shift. 
 They are calling for ice pellets to start tonight and I would so really like to get in just one more dance on the snow before all hell breaks loose Saturday. 

 Ha, who am I kidding? 
I am a ski bum.  
I'll find an excuse to ski Saturday before work...
...oooh, hey wait, I bet that the puppie could do for a short loop :)

This is what happens to every addict at the conclusion of a binge. 
 The long nights spent awake, debating whether one should just accept give in to the addiction and go skiing at 2 in the morning or roll over one more time and try to fall asleep. 

But I can't. 
 My mind keeps replaying scenes of snow covered trees and untouched glitter powder.
 Of dropping into bottomless powder, time and time again 
as I move through the tight trees of New England.  
I Dream of Powder Skiing.

 I'm crashing from exhaustion. 
 I can feel it. 
 I need to sleep for like 24-hours...
...but it's only my Tuesday and I'm coming up on double shifts this weekend. 

Holy crap but the last few days have been an East Coast Skiers dream. 
 From the tortuous past few months, 
we have evolved mentally stronger and more committed in our resolve to ski than ever. 

But even I will admit, I wasn't ready. 
 I had my doubts. 
 Sorry, Mother Nature, but I struggled to believe this storm would come. 
 I mean, I had faith that eventually it would, 
but the surprise of finally being swallowed up whole by 
the beauty of a winter snowstorm was a little overwhelming at first.
I got swept away.

Ah...even the mere thought puts a smile on my face. 
 No longer do we need to rely on photographs and our subconscious for our winter dreams. 
It is here. 
 And we are living it.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum & Vespoli

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  1. So sorry you are feeling down..never would have guessed it since you were rippin up hill! Pleasure to have had to honor of going with you pups are all sleepy and cozy by the fire and my day working at home has been a fog of freshies~