Sunday, February 26, 2012

Your Freshies Just Got Snaked By A Dog

As the sun rose over the Green Mountains, Vespi and I made our way up toward our own little piece of heaven

The wind was bitter cold wipping at my ass as we made our way up the mountain
Just an absolutely beauitful morning with crispy clear blue skies following the sun over the horizon
It was still dark in the woods as we left the parking lot
But we kept on moving...both in excitement of what we would find once we reached the summit...but also because I probably could have worn 200 weight long johns in the 17 degree weather. I bet even Vespi was wishing she had those little puppie booties this morning :)
As we dove into the woods for the final ascent, I lost sight of my skis underneath the snow...what a bummer
Amidst the shadows of the backside, Vespi and I hugged the side of the great wide opening to leave room for the next skier - and our next run!
Not an animal track in sight...which was slightly eeiry considering that I've seen two wolf/coyotes and more than a few rabbits in the past week with the warm spring-like weather
But winter is full upon us now!
Even though the radar said nothing was happening in Killington last night, the K-Cloud has spoken.
As we came up onto the summit, we crossed from the shadow into the light...
and the snow began to glitter, showing off it's champagne goodness. A shit eating grin crossed my face and I looked over to see Vespi wearing the exact same expression:
Oh Hell Yeah!!
Doesn't it feel good to have your beautiful fresh & fluffy powder snaked by a dog?
May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum & Vespi


  1. Alright, girl. I'd like to get in on these sunrise activities. What equipment do I need? Skins? AT gear? Snowshoes? Backpack with ski carry?

  2. All you need are skins and AT Gear...come stop by the shop and let's talk toys :)

  3. Coyotes-no wolves in VT. ::))

    Ashley-BCO can set you up with really sweet stuff!!!! Go either AT or NTN but forget the ski carry and snowshoes!