Valentine's On Ice

Having listened to everyone bitch about how "icy" it has been through the east coast, we thought we would spend our Valentine's Day by celebrating some true ice.
You know, the kind with FISH UNDER IT!

My Valentine's Day gift this year?
My first ever ice hockey stick!
complete with pinked out hockey tape
There was a lone hockey goal sitting in the middle of the reservoir, so we skated over, me in my figure skates (my competitive figure skating cousin gave to me for Christmas when she was like 5), the BF in his hockey skates floating magically across the ice and Vespi chasing after every long gone puck with puppy-like enthusiasm
..and played a little pond hockey up and down the reservoir.

The wierdest part?
Having to avoid all the snowy parts on the lake and look for the slick bits.
It was completely counter-intuitive for this ski bum
Well, we couldn't avoid all the snow ;)

Fresh tracks on Chittenden Reservoir!!
Oh, and just so you know...
...this is what real ice looks like.
May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum and Vespoli