Tree Skiing: Sketchy NOT Thin

After skinning through the woods on Monday afternoon, I just knew that the trees would be just good enough to ski :)

And oh my goodness, was I right!! Granted, you had to keep your eyes peeled in all twenty-five different directions, but I had me some freshies all day long :) Oh, to feel that feeling of diving through trees, making my way around stumps and logs and even clearing a tree branch out of the way here and there to make the next run better...I felt like laughing. It s all so familiar, the smells, the snow, the crunchy ice beneath the thin layer of fresh snow that seemed like it was just waiting for me... felt like home again
The boys doing their video thing
Props to Tucker for taking one for the team...
but always remember:
Ladies First :)
May You Find fhe Spirit of the Mountains Within You,