Skiing with the Boyfriend

We fell in love skiing together
We ski together in love.

Our turns interlace
flow together
figure eight
mirror image
powder eights

We dance, together, down the mountain
weaving in and out of each other's turns
weaving through the trees
intertwining our true souls, our ski souls
A sensual caress of the snow
a sacred rhythm
a pendulum swing
a turn

Two Skiers as One

Needing the other
for balance
for definition
for character
for control

One leads, one follows
We can feel the other
In front
directly parallel
swinging opposite
There's an energy that comes
a challenge
an acceptance
He's right on my tails, I'm right on his.
one right after the other
two ends of the same string.

There's an emptiness on the slopes
Turns incompleted
shallow, off kilter
feeling loneliness
and half-empty, ever quite full
There is magic
an unexplainable energy binding us together
Pulling our skis across our own fall line
creating Our own melody
As One
There's a romance
A Binding
A Melding of Our Souls
A Grace

Carving our tracks in the snow as initials into a tree
not once
but a repeated declaration of love
with infinite adjustments for infinite variables
in surface, in terrain, in life
A strange journey, our journey
following a different flow
diagonal, upward, downward, right on track
crossing here instead of there
our own non-stop top to bottom pattern down the trail
Our Own Mountain.
a different mountain
yet still the same mountain.
but now it's Our mountain

Skiing Together.

Two Skiers as One

Thanks to my Boyfriend for Ten Wonderful Years on the Snow

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,

FemaleSkiBum :)


  1. Beautiful Post! I can see how much you two love each other.


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