Monday, February 6, 2012

Pre-Game Prep: SkiBum Style

With the shop scheduled to close at 6pm and kick-off set from only thirty minutes later, I moped around all day. I just knew I should have gotten up four hours after I got home from my bartending shift to get my turns in...

But I live in a ski town and work for a football fan.
By 5:15 I was heading up the mountain with my skins, taking a much needed breath of fresh air as my skis slid through some untouched fresh snow - even though it hasn't snowed in two days!
Even Vespi could feel the magic of this stolen adventure.
She chose to go skiing instead of having puppy food.
She was standing in front of the pantry door, waiting for her apres-work dinner, when I asked her if she wanted to go skiing instead.
She ran outside.

That's my girl :)
The moon was just riding above the trees as we made our way up the mountain to the click clack of my poles hitting the frozen surface beneath.
Click Clack. Click Clack.
I thought about putting my poles on my pack.
Click Clack. Click Clack.
Everything else was quiet.
and Glittery.
We just kept going.
Sometimes poles are stupid.
But we got in our run.
And still made the kickoff.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
Merisa & Vespi

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