Saturday, February 25, 2012

It Snowed!! (Finally)

I was a little nervous yesterday - as anyone who follows my twitter account is well aware. Would we get snow? How much? Would I have time after my double shifts to go skiing? 
 I was honestly having heart palpatations.

As I did my cash out at the bar last night, the clock struck 10pm - giving me just enough time to reach my goal of boots on and heading up the mountain by 11pm.

Miraculously, the snow managed to time itself perfectly for me, just lightening up enough to allow the light from my headlamp to shine on the snow which had already fallen on the ground rather than reflecting off the falling snow and back into my face :)
Yeah, so it wasn't quite powder and it was a little bit heavy - but it was FRESH! Vespi enjoyed eating all the snowballs caught in her fur - but the snow moved sooo sweetly underneath your feet. As we moved onto steeper terrain, the slow fell away from our skis ever so gently as we felt the glisse...
And for once in a long while, I was joined by two very good friends of mine. Three humans and one dog. That's a combo I haven't enjoyed in a while...Thanks, boys :)
But there was plenty for all :) As we came around the corner, the treeline faded away into the darkness and we skied into a beautiful meadow. A few stray blades of grass shot up throught the snow, giving a magical feel to the snow as we made our way toward the fingers extending down into the darkness.
you just had to make sure you stayed on trail. Don't laugh, but I always forget how dark it is when you ski at night. The countours of the trail dissapear, the sides fade into black and the if you use Vespi as your marker, sometimes you end up in a riverbed for a nice, cool drink.
As we loaded up the car, we sat in silence. Awed at finally getting to feel some true float with our skis underneath us.
We could breathe a deep sigh of relief.
We are going to get winter after all!!
May You Find The Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum & Vespi

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