guest post: from yet another ktown ski bum

it's no secret that this year's been trying to east coast ski bums, so when i heard on monday that mad river glen got 4-6 inches of fresh pow to our 2, i knew our annual trip to mrg would be more than just a chance to meet some kind people and enjoy some fine vermont beer. 

    throw back the clock to a time when we skied fluffy white pow!

              ....where you're reminded that some alone time can do wonders for the mind!

thank you general staRk's pub & grill for serving lawson's finest liquids....small batches of heady ipa and sweet maple porter brewed "straight from the green mountains to your head!"  and a big thanks for the "honky tonk" tunes from the staRline rhythm boys!

thank you mad river glen for throwing back your prices for the well being of all ski bums and for keeping it natural! see you soon femaleskibum. xoxo
glad river glen: drink it if you can!