Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guest Post: Cooper's First Puppy Ski!

At three months old, the humans and I took Cooper out for his first Puppy Ski.

At first, he didn't quite get it.
He kept jumping at me with his puppy teeth and trying to wrestle me.
So I tried to show him that when Puppy Skiing, the way up is for sniffing everything and anything - not for playing around.
And then he saw them.
A pair of snowboarders coming down the trail.
and he FROZE!
I threw myself on the ground in laughter.
He ran to his human and hid, his tail between his legs.
He had never seen someone glisse before!
Then the trip just gets better, because when the humans take their skins off, they reach into their packs...and the dog treats come out!

But I will admit having a puppy around is kind of useful. As the humans were prepping their skis for the downhill, Cooper stole his human's leather glove. I thought it would be best if I took it away from him. Puppies shouldn't have gloves as chewies.
And was time for the downhill!!
Hell Yeah!!
At first, he was going so rediculously slow and stopping all the time. He was even worried about the humans. Ha! But then he figured out that if you run downhill at full speed, you can go really, really fast
And he was grinning ear to ear!
And by the end, we were running side by side, like Puppies should.

Welcome to the World of Ski Puppies, Cooper!!
If you don't stop and sniff everything,
how are you gonna know where to roll in the snow?

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