Sunday, February 19, 2012

Early Morning Snowshoe

Double shifts and holiday work weeks make just a simple stroll through the woods seem magical

Vespi, Puppie Coopie and I met some of our puppy friends at Mountain Meadows Cross-Country Ski And Snowshoe Resort for some well deserved - and much needed - fresh air before work this morning.
I realize that Cooper just got his rabies shot, so he hasn't met many dogs yet, so it took him a little bit to get used to another dog his size! But it didn't take long before Tele and Coopie were hiking and wrestling simultaneously as we worked our way through the woods and toward Kent Pond via Black Snowshoe Trail
The sun was just coming up over the hill as we rounded the bend, Vespi fully in the lead and keeping her distance from the two overractive youngsters.
The surface was absolutely gorgeous this morning...just a light fluffy glitter snow covering some pretty solid base. Which meant it was just perfect for snowshoeing :)
But it did make the trip across Kent Pond a little more adventurous for the puppies.
Snow on Ice:
An example of some beautiful puppy art work in the snow
by Telemark and Cooper
But sunrises are just beautiful in the trail system, which winds you around so you get to see the sun from all different angles and heights. It's definitely becoming one of my favorite places for a morning adventure in the winter.
How could it not be a beautiful morning when the snow gitters like this :)
We even explored the back half of the pond a little bit...there was a short gap in snow right next to the lake, but then it filled right back in and we had a whole nother world all to ourselves - and three crazy dogs
The sun was just in the rights spot as we came back out onto Kent Pond, suddenly realizing that we had only 20 minutes to sprint back and open up the shop. Oops :)
That doesn't stop the puppies, of course. The were still markers to sniff, old prints to explore and the way back to find...
See you on the Trails!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum, Vespi & Coopie

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