You Gotta Have Faith

"Faith is Believing in Things When Common Sense Tells You Not To"
- Miracle on 34th Streeet

I know it's pretty hard to get through the January Thaw - especially when we haven't really had any snow to begin with. Skiers are short-sighted people by nature.

There is no powder TODAY. Right now, it is icy, minimal snow coverage...and yes, the fluffy stuff exists only when I put my head to my pillow.
We dream of floating across the white fluffy stuff, through the magic of snow covered trees...We long for our winter world, our marshmellow playground.
But there IS something magical happening, right now, as it happens every January since the beginning of time.
That rain that came last night is freezing.
It has blended with the already exisiting snow and creating a super solid foundation on which we will ski far into the future. It is congealing with the grounded branches to establish those May and June days down Superstar. It is glazing the stumps and rocks that line our favorite tree trails, creating something that we need so very badly.
Nature is building Her Base.
And so we are grateful.
While we might be depressed and frustrated in our short-sightedness, we are receiving the great gift on a truly extended season. One in which we might ski until May, until June, perhaps even into July...
But we must have faith.

See You On the Mountain,