Sunset @ Deer Leap

We need to "get out of town" for a while, yet we don't have enough energy to actually go somewhere. The result? A hike up through the ice & snow lined trail up to The summit of Deer Leap.

Our feet were armed with stabilizers of somekind - I had found one on the trail somewhere last year and was rewarded by finding the second one about a hudnred yards later :)
But Vespi was left to her own devices, which ended up sending her sliding on her belly like a tiny puppy on a slippery hard wood floor.
The single digit temps and couple inches of fresh new snow left a trackable
layer of snow which creaked underneath our feet.
So crisp and clear, the air felt like the wind was blowing straight through my nose and into my brain with each breathe.
It smelled wonderful.
Even better than the hot chocolate that we enjoyed at the summit as we watched the bright colors of the winter sunset under the bright moon.
Guided by the moonlight, we explored our newest winter sport. A sport which I had honestly never reallythought about until a few years ago because it jsut ever amde any sense to me. Why would anyone walk down a snowy hill when they could ski it? Answer? Sometimes, the only way to "ski the trees" is to walk down through them.
May You Find The Spirit of the Mountains Within You,