Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Skate Skiing!!

Push. And Glide. And Push. And Glide.

Following carefully laid pine boughs, Vespi and I were for our first Skate Ski ever.

A unexpectedly wonderful combination of skiing and skating that would make any long-distance athlete rev up their engines in pure enthusiasm. A complete body workout with the grace and speed of skiing. You could go easy or all out and the magic was still the same.
I was skiing.

The wind is nipping at your face as you fly across the lake. When you get the rhythym right, the skinny skis feel like leg wings underneath your feet. The patterns of the stroke and glide are similar to pedaling your bike, shifting gears with the rolling terrain and flying down the downhills. It's the feeling of gliding over water, the stroke of a paddle through depths pushing you forward.
I was skate skiing.

May You Find the Spirit of fhe Mountains Within You,

Interested in Skate Skiing?
Check Out Mountain Meadows Cross-Country and Snowshoe Center at the bottom of the Killington Access Road.


  1. Have you ever tried ice and snow sailing? We do that all winter long on frozen lakes (Lake Sunapee, NH is a favorite!) and ponds. All you need is your downhill skis, a helmet & pads, and either a kite or Kitewing and some wind, and you're off! We've been doing this for almost 30 years now. Go to WISSA.ORG to learn more!