Into the Trees!!

The agonizing wait of the past few days culminated in today's joyous rediscovery of dancing through the snow covered trees on my favorite skis :)

I found myself acting like a Hopeful, bouncing on the chairlift in pure excitement.

To the trees! To the trees!

Dodging and weaving through the trees, somehow awakened by their energy, I finally felt alive, like someone had pushed me over a ledge and I had found the excitement in the flight

But there was a sadness amongst the enthusiasm, as we saw gapes in the forest where a proud tree had stood only last winter

But it was exciting, finding new routes through old forest as the snow faded in and out, revealing stumps, rocks, roots...and a few more rocks...

'Cause us east coasters are just a little bit crazy :)

Every turn a discovery, each edge change an adventure...

every corridor a different challenge

You Can't Think

You Have to Feel Your Way Through.
Feel the energy flowing through the trees and rides its waves through the forest.
And Ski.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountain Within You,