Guest Post: Fresh, Fluffy Snow to Start the Week Off Right

Light snow was falling when I went to bed last night, so I set the alarm for dawn and fell asleep with fingers crossed.  When the alarm buzzed this morning, I peered out my window, didn't see much snow, and decided to press the snooze button.   (It was Monday morning, after all.)  An hour or so later, I woke up to a sunny sky.   We only got a few inches overnight, but the snow went a long way, blowing up under your skis and sparkling in the sunshine.  And the mountain was quiet.  Really quiet.  Even the Female Ski Bum is out of town. So, like a good ski sister, here I am: happy to stand in (and ski!) for her.

Bright blue sky

and wispy clouds.




This one's for you, Female Ski Bum!

-Stand In Ski Bum