Thursday, January 19, 2012

Black Snowshoe Trail

We head out into the darkness, honestly unaware of where we are going. With only the trail markers and headlamps to guide us, we disembarked from the Mountain Meadows Touring Center and headed out toward the lake.

And then, following the tracks of the ladies before us, we headed out across the frozen lake. It is definitely an interesting feeling, to cross a lake in the pitch black with only your headlamp shining around. You can judge the size of the lake - kind of - if the night is clear. But this night, it started snowing about halfway through our hike and we were in a near blackout. It was amazing. The quiet, the solitude, the knowledge that we were alone in the dark, having no idea whe the trail would take us, but simultaneously knowing that we were just right in the was just us, the woods and the dark. You couldn't help but be awed.

The Black Trail took us under a fallen log, across a xc ski trail and around a mountainside. In true lollipop form, we returned to our tracks across the lake and we struck by how much the wind had picked up while we were in the safety of the woods. I pulled my hat down over my ears and was glad that I had worn that extra layer. It was beautiful - and I can't wait to do this 90 minute snowshoe in the daytime so I can see where we went!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

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