Wednesday, January 25, 2012

...and the Search for the Holy Grail

What is Your Name?
What is your Quest?
To Seek Out Freshies!
What is your favorite color?
Blue. No Pink! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

There was great joy today as an entire inch of fresh power coated the frozen solid ground here in Killington, VT. Our dedicated mission as ski bums is to seek out all possible inches of fresh snow on the mountain...

Oh, we went in search of the powder.
Wind Blown Dreams,
Dust on Crust
Rock Solid Blue Bumps with Snow Filled Troughs
oh yeah...
and fresh groomies.

really fresh groomies

If you looked closely you could see the snow by the trees...

No, no...I meant really closely :)

But I don't mind skiing more than a person's fair share of this:

Cause I know I'm gonna get to ski this:

Oh yeah, baby!
Get me some :)

Skiing is Skiing, no matter how little Snow.

It's the East Coast.
We love ice, and rocks and skiing snowmaking pipe.
We love death cookies and vibrating groomers.
We love hearing the chunks under our feet even though it looks so nice.
We love the P-Tex and the Diamond Stone.
We love picking our line through the stone and the moss.
We love hard pack, and wind blaring in your face.
We love the mountain.

I went skiing today.
And that's what matters to me.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,

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