Air In the Lines at Bear!

Haven't been to Bear Mountain Base Area since Tropical Storm Irene...

With the new "environmentally" friendly guns shining in the sun up the skier's left of Outer Limits...
left me wonding where all those inefficient guns will be going...
As we climbed up through the Wildfire Stream, the lift mechanics were doing a warm-up run of the Skye Peak Quad
The last time I had been here, the Sunday morning of Tropical Storm Irene, the now trickle was a raging river
The comparisons are staggering.
The Bear Mountain Quad sits quietly in a puddle of water, waiting for her turn to carry skiers to greatness
Soon, BMQ, Soon, we will bask in your O.T.A. and work diligently on our goggle tans
and bump out run after run on the mogul field that is Outer Limits
A quick trip to check on the Devil's Fiddle Graveyard revealed a crew of chainsaws doing some trail work :)
and mourn the fact that the Devil's Fiddle Quad chairs are rotting away while the South Ridge Triple Chairs are finding homes in which to be treasured forever
But much happiness as the 11 compressors that arrived at Bear two weeks ago are getting their first blow out today!! Bring on the cold weather so we can bring out the guns!!
May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,


  1. I really appreciate the odes to snowmaking... brings back good stuff in the brain...


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