From Ski Boots to Flip Flops

It's always my favorite thing when I get to wear flip flops back and forth from the mountain...
Using my boyfriend's technique of wrapping the tails with medical tape combined with low moisture snow, I was able to keep my skins on for the whole way up! Vespi and I started the day with wintery weather and temps in the thirties...
Even cold overnight temps can't stop the melting process. I had forgotten how rocky some of the side trails are amd in one section I was forced to carry my skis over my should to preserve their integrity.
But were not alone in enjoying the thinning snow this morning. Vespi and I were joined by a few other animals out for their morning constitutionals.
Even though it would be almost 60 degrees by the time we got back to the bottom, there was still a beautiful frost in shady spots...
For the final sewction of the ascent, we came out of the woods and the bright sun caught me by surprise. I didn't realize what a nice place the top would be to have breakfast.
With no wind and the blazing sun, it was so warm I was able to relax in just a wool T-shirt and snow pants...
And then the fun part down to meet my flip flops :)

May You find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,


  1. Lookin good! Way to snag another day while you still can!


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