A Leaf-Peeping Up to Jericho

With the excuse of taking our Maine friends on a leafpeeping tour to Jericho, we finally got to make the drive north on Route 100.

All my love goes out to my friends in Pittsfield & Rochester.

When we got to Jericho, we were introduced to our friend's new place: a log cabin right above a small waterfall that had somehow survived Tropical Storm Irene unscathed.

Just gorgeous.

And the perfect place to sit and have a few Long Trails on a beautiful folige afternoon.

The boys got out their instruments and we just sat on the deck amidst the tree tops...and enjoyed nature and friends and music.

What a way to celebrate life :)

The road of the not so icy river, the crunch of the leaves beneath our feet, throwing on sweaters as the sun moved on...

What a wonderful way to bid farewell to the folige season...

...and hello to winter!!

oh yeah. and then we drove to Burlington, went to Ken's Pizza and used our friends as an excuse to go to Ben & Jerry's on Church Street.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Jericho, VT