Killington's Island Day 9: Quotes from the Island

"I've never been afraid of rain before."

"Are the cones gettting further toward the middle of the road?"

"Stay in the middle of the road."

"Welcome to the Island. The Ferry runs twice a day."

"Where's Bernie?"

"I could really use some fried chicken!"

"Do we have to be there at 6:00am? What if we're late? Maybe we could go in the middle of the day or..."

"Did you see Jim Cantore cry about the damage in Vermont on the Weather Channel?!"

"So do you think there are any new tree trails or chutes on the mountain?"

"I am Vermont Strong!"

"I can't believe Biggie's house made it!"

"Can I get another Long Trail please?"

"East Mountain Road is still closed, right? So, does that mean I can't drive down East Mountain Road?"

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"Snap Off Dance Party! Go!"

"Don't Mess with the Beast!"

"Who's playing at the Concert for the Killington Region at the Outback on October 2nd?"

"Aren't there any better uses for dump trucks than road blocks?

"I wish I had a dirt bike - or even a four wheeler."

"There's a Star Wars marathon on Spike? Sick!"

"I could hear the rocks scratching on each other as they floated down the mountain, it was so loud you had to yell and I thought please don't let the house go..."

"We've got to get all these roads fixed before the suits shows up."

"Are the Plymouth boys really trying to Dukes of Hazzard the ditch?"

"How can I help?"

"There's BACON! We're Saved!"

"When will Killington get back it's feet?" - Reporter
"We're already on our feet." - Whit

"I'm hiking into Rutland tomorrow - anybody need anything?"

"Cots? They sent a town with thousands of beds - cots?"

"Is there any gas available?"
"Nope, there is no more gas coming into Killington."
"Hey - there is a gas truck at the Phat Italian!"

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"We would have voted you off the island anyway!"

"We are decorating for foliage: Adopt a Cone on Your Street Today!"

"Phish show tonight streamed live on the big screen!"

"Sugar Maples love water." - Gov. Schumlin on CNN

"How can we get these MREs to Pittsfield & Rochester?"

Each Killington's Island t-Shirt donates $12.50 to the Killington Flood/Hurricane Relief. All the cool kids are getting them.

And the number one most popular quote on the island:

"So...when will Route 4 in Mendon be open to Rutland?"

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Killington, VT


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