Thursday, August 11, 2011

Winter Prep Begins Now!!

My favorite girls got their summer wax job today. Now they can just soak up all the richness until that magical day when the snow falls.

And I finally figured out what the skinny end of the tuning file is for - scraping the rocks out from the Vibram soles of my ski boots!! Look how sexy those soles are - Seriously!!

After prepping my gear for the season, it was off to the mountain. Vespi & I hadn't gone very far when I stopped dead in my tracks after spotting this crazy root system. Like some futuristic plant that is about to take over the world. Wierd how you can run past something almost everyday and then one day something magical just jumps out at you :)

Alright, my girlfriend Margaret, local blogger & adventure racer is going to love this one. My boyfriend has repeatedly pointed out that my upper body is relatively puny especially when compared to my skier theighs. I agree with him, so don't everyone start attacking him for his constructive criticism. Anyway, this morning he suggested I follow Margaret's example and do push-ups every mile. You should check out her blog Dirt In Your Skirt for a more Spartan perspective on fitness and mountain life.

So, here is proof that I am now doing stupid push-ups. Still wondering why skiers need arms though...

Totally random - just noticed that they painted the Snowshed snowmaking thingy green. Even though I have no idea what it's official name is, I think that the green looks nice and fresh. Good job, boys!!

Some pretty flowers :) I like finding flowers while I'm running. They make me smile.

However today's run was dominated by discarded paper cups and Gu wrappers, as well as marking tape hanging from tree branches, all along the trails from this weekend's Spartan Race. The further I ran, the more frustrated I became.

Since this was supposed to be a shorter run, I had to figure out some other way to vent my energy. This past weekend, one of the obstacles required the Spartan racers to carry a 50 pound bag of sand. Well, I don't have a bag of sand, but I do run with a golden retreiver. Close Enough!

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Killington, VT

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